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New! Sales of the new JAWA 650 OHC and JAWA 650 OHC Sport motorcycles have begun!

Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC

In the displacement category of around 650 cc, you have had the opportunity to choose JAWA motorcycles since 2004, when we offered models JAWA 650 Classic, then JAWA 650 Style and JAWA 650 Dakar. Their improved successors were the JAWA 660 cc model series. The JAWA 660 Sportard model was a uniquely designed motard with a sportier tuned chassis, while the JAWA 660 Vintage model returned to the classic shapes of JAWA motorcycles. However, as it often happens, these models were discontinued due to tightening homologation regulations.

Now comes "on scene" new, the most modern models JAWA 650 OHC and JAWA 650 OHC Sport, which respect both the construction simplicity required for motorcycles in retro style and the modern technical level for comfortable use by their owner. Both models are equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, where you will appreciate the level of torque that provides very comfortable power utilization and engine flexibility. The motorcycles are air and oil cooled, as simplicity is beauty. The five-speed gearbox is precise and easy to operate. The engine filling is ensured by proven Delphi injection (as is also the case with the JAWA 350 OHC model range). The motorcycles are equipped with disc brakes with ABS, which are significantly stronger compared to genetically similar JAWA 350 OHC motorcycles. Especially due to the higher weight, but also the maximum speed of the motorcycle, which is around 150 km/h.

JAWA 650 OHC - Stronger engine, brakes, and frame - these are the main differences compared to the visually similar JAWA 350 OHC model. However, both models follow the traditional design of JAWA motorcycles from the 70s and proudly declare allegiance to the legacy of the traditional JAWA motorcycle brand. The motorcycle is again built mainly from steel components, as was the case in the history of our brand. Thanks to accessories such as crash frames or trunk racks, the JAWA 650 OHC model can become not only your agile means of transport but also a reliable partner for longer travel.

JAWA 650 OHC Sport - The flexible single-cylinder engine almost asks itself to be used in a motorcycle of a more enduro style. This is exactly what we thought when implementing the JAWA 650 OHC Sport model. The chassis of this model is identical to the JAWA 650 OHC model, but thanks to the adjustable front fender, larger space between the rear wheel and fender, and also thanks to handlebars with a crossbar and stylish roll, you can enjoy riding on qualitatively worse roads than with the JAWA 650 OHC model. The teardrop tank combined with raised exhaust silencers in the overall concept evoke a direct connection of this model to historical JAWA motorcycles designed for six-day races.

Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC
Photo for the article JAWA 650 OHC

Technical data

Engine four-stroke - air and oil-cooled
Number of Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke (mm) 100 x 82
Displacement 644
Compression Ratio 8.3:1
Maximum Power (kW/rpm) 29.4 kW/6000 rpm
Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) 50.0 Nm/4500 rpm
Engine Start electric
Transmission 5
Wheelbase (mm) 1420
Seat Height (mm) 760
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 12.5
Reserve (l) 2
Front Wheels (") 1.85 x 19"
Rear Wheels (") 3.00 x 18"
Front Tires (") 100/90 - 19"
Rear Tires (") 130/70 - 18"
Front Suspension 120 mm
Rear Suspension 70 mm
Front Brake with ABS disc 320 mm
Rear Brake disc 240 mm
Curb Weight (kg) 171
Maximum Speed (km/h) 150


Configuration OHC Sport
Rear Carrier 2,000
Rear Case (depending on configuration) from 1,800
Set of Side Carriers (for 650 OHC model only) 5,500 x
Side Cases (depending on configuration) - for 650 OHC model only from 5,000 x
Set of Front Protective Frames 2,950
Red/Black Front Mask (for 650 OHC model only) 2,490 x

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