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Agostiny, Šťastný, Jawa
The great victory of Italian racer Giacomo Agostini at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno in 1968. The third place went to Czech rider Frantisek Stastny on a Jawa motorcycle.



The PhenomenonJAWA

The history of the JAWA brand dates back to 1929.

The name of the company was created by combining the name of the founder František Janeček and the German company Wanderer. Within a short time, JAWA became a renowned company whose technical finesse was copied by competitors from all over the world.

Not many motorcycle brands can compete with JAWA when it comes to motorcycle sport. JAWA machines have competed in every discipline of motorcycle sport, and many world champions have ridden JAWA motorcycles.

Today, JAWA is returning to its roots and introducing retro models of the world's favourite motorcycle. JAWA's retro models honour the brand's illustrious history, feature contemporary technology, are reliable and sound great (the Italian-tuned unit has exhausts set up to sound like the original legendary two-strokes).

The design of the new JAWA motorcycles harkens back to the past, but technically they are super modern motorcycles.

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Since its inception, JAWA has been founded on the exceptional attitude and high empathy of all its employees. To work for the company was to dedicate all your knowledge and skills to this motorcycle. And this is still true today.

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